My “Fuck Your Taxes!” Sale in Madison next week!

I’m getting haunted by a tax bill on something I did literally four years ago when I bought the house I currently live in.  Just a couple days ago I got a letter from the state government ordering me to pay taxes on something I honestly had no idea I had to report to the government to; leaving me fairly broke and wiping out a chunk of my savings – with that in mind, at my table at Madison Comic Con I will be selling my paintings at really low prices in a “Fuck Your Taxes” sale!  These paintings range from 1’x1’ to 2’x4’ in size, some of them are oil covered in resin, some of them are acrylic.  I basically need to raise money fast before I get Bucky Badgered again.  Pretty much a one-time chance for you to get some original art at fire sale prices.

TheLakeWEB SquidFaceWEB CityScape1WEB TransistorInfection

School #6 is about to arrive!

Guess what, folks!  In the next two weeks, you will be getting your posters, your digital downloads, your T-Shirts, your tile coasters and – most importantly – School Issue #6!  

I received the copies in from the printers last week and they look absolutely lovely.  And, on Fab.6-8th I will be debuting them for the first time at Madison Comic Con at the Alliant Energy Center – click here for more details on the convention:

Come say hi to me, it would be great to see you in person instead of through the internet for a change, ha!

Other conventions I am looking into this year are the following:

Midwest Comic Book Association’s Spring Con; St.Paul, MN – May 16-17th, 2015

Bruce Campbell’s Horror Weekend; Rosemont IL – Aug.22-23rd, 2015

HorrorHound Weekend; Indianapolis, IN – Sept.5-7th 2015

Eau Claire Comic Con; Eau Claire, WI –  No date yet set

I-Con Comic Con; Des Moines, IA – No date yet set

Mid-Con Comic Con; Iowa City, IA – No date yet set

Also, for the first time, I have these tentative dates to be showing my art at a couple events this year:

CONvergence Art Show; Minneapolis, MN – July 2-5, 2015

Pancakes and Booze Underground Art Show; Minneapolis, MN – May 8th, 2015  Minneapolis, MN

Oktoberfest; Appleton, WI – Sept.26th

If there are other conventions or shows you would like to see me at, let me know!

This upcoming Saturday at the Oshkosh Area Humane Society from 4-8pm, they’ll be holding a fun event called Animals & Art where local artists do portraits of the Humane Society’s pets, and all sales have proceeds going to the shelter. I’ve contributed a painting to the event – couldn’t resist a Pit. Hope to see you there!

Thank you again for helping my dreams – or maybe nightmares – a reality!  Cannot wait to get people’s opinions on this newest installment of School.

School #6 news!

I have been pretty quiet on the School front over the last few weeks because I have been working on the proof copies from the printer and making tweaks to pages to make sure everything looks perfect. The way I translated the art to print form was completely different than all previous issues, so it has been a learning process. Tonight, I have made the final page edits and sent them to the printer. The debut will officially be at Madison Comic Con. Party!


Drawing of a dream I had on Monday night

Monday night I dreamt I went night swimming in an ocean. I was enjoying myself immensely, taking in the night, the waves, the feeling of the water moving around me. Then, I felt a scratching on my leg, like it grazed a barbed wire fence. When I got out of the lake, the calf of my leg looked like it had a mushroom-like fungus growing on it, with a huge mound of pus forming that was causing huge discomfort. I poked a hole in the pus mound, and a viscous form stretched out slowly from the hole in the form somewhat resembling a lobster leg. I would clench my calf muscle and it would come out faster. I later got a crowbar and started to pry the mushroom-like fungus off of me…it turns out the viscous gel was part of the parasite. It was forming inside me, trying to change my body from within. Luckily, somehow some way the crowbar removed the entire parasite from my leg….but it left cuts and gauges all over my leg that I strangely could not feel. It was like athletes foot went wild. Little glistening caves and pouches perforated me. The wounds didn’t hurt yet, but I knew I would be feeling them later that night, and possibly for the rest of my life. I guess I learned something from that dream…let yourself get lost in the sea, and it can consume you.


School #6 IndieGoGo campaign – under 13 hours left!

Hey gang. As it stands, I have 13 hours left of School issue #6’s ‪#‎IndieGoGo‬ campaign; and I am 80% funded – that’s actually very, very close, because that last 20% is only $410. That’s 21 new backers to contribute $20 to put me over the top. Pretty simple, and totally reasonable! This will help me offset costs so I can organize more appearances at conventions nationwide and local events around the Fox Valley. Horror fans, what better way to celebrate Halloween than to donate $20 to your favorite independent ghost story? We can do it together! Let’s kick this thing to the ninth level of hell!


Three days left to the School #6 Indiegogo campaign!

Hello all. This is a reminder that there are THREE DAYS left to my School: A Ghost Story #6 IndieGoGo campaign; and I am currently Fifty Percent funded. There are tons of perks not used up yet and are still available, like this 11×14″ original ink drawing of Lindsay. There are also prints and original art available. Let’s keep independent horror alive!


INKtober, First Day!

INKtober is an exercise created by Jeff Parker that is a wonderful idea:

Every October, artists all over the world take on the InkTober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month. I created InkTober in 2009 as a challenge to improve my inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. It has since grown into a worldwide endeavor with thousands of artists taking on the challenge every year.

Anyone can do InkTober, just pick up a pen and start drawing.

Sure, I’ll take part! Here is my first ink drawing of 2014, 11×14 in size:


Defferding Dragon*Con 2014 wrap-up!

Dragon*Con in Atlanta happened – holy crap was that an awesome con.  There is a reason why it’s called “Nerdi Gras.”   Over 55,000 people converge in downtown Atlanta and go to forums, see celebrities and party.   I made a ton of new friends, caught up with some old ones, and just had a blast being a nerd.  On Saturday I went to the official Dragon*Con Georgia Acquarium Party, one of my favorite things to do there.  That place never ceases to amaze me.
This is seriously one of the best cons in the U.S., a “bucket list” one for all nerds far and wide. It was certainly a long, long ride home, but it was all worth it. For those I missed this weekend, I’m sorry. It was one crazy hectic con and I just didn’t have a chance to say Hi. Hopefully there will be more chances in the future.
A more comprehensive photo album link can be found here.
For those that met me over Dragon*Con – thank you for stopping by my table, it was a pleasure meeting and chatting with you.  I hope you have enjoyed both my art and School: A Ghost Story so far!  I do have an IndieGogo campaign for issue #6 to keep the story going until its eventual end – 
I’ll be keeping you posted on future convention appearances and new merchandise / art along the way.  Feel free to friend me on facebook at, or reach me at these other social media outlets:
Instagram: BrianDefferding
Twitter: @BrianDefferding
I also have other merchandise available at my Society6 page:
See ya around on the internets!
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School #6: Girl With the Dark Halo Indie-Go-Go Fundraiser!

Big announcement! School, Issue 6 has been given another “Indie-Go-Go”! Since Kickstarter, the campaign has made some changes – the print count has gone down, to make it more reachable. AND, the quality comes from a local Wisconsin printer (I just prefer these things to be kept within the state). Lastly, if I reach my stretch goal of $3000, I will re-print issue #5 of School, which is currently out of print.



Pictures of my first ever live art show!

My first ever live art show for the fine folks at was a lot of fun! All in all it went for about 90 minutes give or take. Being it Friday the 13th themed for Camp Crystal Lake Weekend in Eagle River, Wisconsin, you can guess what I chose for subject matter. I think I’ll title this “Slurp Suck.”

Special thanks to John Pata for photography, for putting on this wonderful event, and to all the folks who watched my first live art show!




















Oil paintings I did over the last month or two

TransistorInfection Downstairs The Butcher SuburbanSky The Burning

Oil paintings I did over the last month.  From top to bottom:

“Transistor Infection” – oil on wood, 24×24″.

“Downstairs” – oil on wood, 12×12″.

“The Butcher” – oil on wood, 12×12″.

“Suburban Sky” – oil on wood, 12×12″.

“The Burning” – oil on wood, 24×24″.

Find more of my work and comics I self-published here at

A collection of my recent oil paintings

So!  Here is a collection of my recent foray into oil painting.

The Evil in The TreesWEB

“The Evil in the Trees” – oil on board, 16″x24″.


“Cathedral” – Oil on board, 12″x48″.


“The Lake” – oil on board, 24″x48″.



“Cityscape #1″ – oil on board, 24″x24″.



“Squidface” – Oil on board, 24″x24″.

“The Lake” – 48″x24″ oil painting complete!

Finished this on Friday night – “The Lake,” a 48″x24″ oil painting on 3/4″ thick wood board.  Complete image at the bottom.  Very happy about this!  The last step is, this spring, I will go outdoors and put a thick coat of resin on top, which will protect the painting while adding contrast.  Eventually I will put this painting up for sale – if you’re interested, email me at


The Lake Detail 3

The Lake Detail 5

The Lake Detail 6

The Lake Detail 4

The Lake Detail 2

The Lake Detail 1

The Lake