School: A Ghost Story is available on!

Hey gang!  After an incredible Free Comic Book Day weekend doing free sketches for the House of Heroes Comic shop, I have another awesome announcement – School: A Ghost Story is now available on the new app, with all six issues available for download! has been a central hub of downloadable games for both phones, tablets and desktop computers and their popularity has taken off.  Just recently they expanded their repertoire to comics, and I was happy to jump on board with them!  This week the site is having an week promoting all the features the site does and can do for you, both as a user and as a developer/creator; and as an official introduction of being the new kid on the block, I’m having each issue being available for download for .99 minimum each (you have the option to offer more, and if so I thank you very much for your kind purchase!).  That means you can get 350 pages of comic art for literally only $3 if you want to!  Head on over to download your copies here.

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The wonderful, shiny and pretty work of LabGoddess Creations!

Science nerds! Bio and health nerds! My artwork is featured on the great jewelry design of LabGoddess Creations – jewelry (earrings, bracelets and necklaces to name a few) featuring different Malaria cells! Portions of malaria tie and charm bracelet profits are donated to charitable organizations that provide aid in affected Malaria-stricken countries. Like her page on Facebook, and head to to order yours online!  It was a pleasure making them, I hope you find pleasure wearing them.


giardia_charm-510x502 Tie-Tack-this-one-510x450