2016 Brian Defferding Art sale to kick off the New Year!

Looking for something to spend any Christmas cash? I have sketches for sale! If you see anything you like here, make me an offer, then add $10 for shipping/handling. If I think it’s a fair price, it’s in the mail on its way to you.  Message me at briandefferding@gmail.com !10-13-2015WEB 11-19-2015 10-15-2015WEB 10-02-2015WEB 10-03-2015WEB 10-08-2015WEB Fir LungWEB 10-01-2015WEB 11267427_849362111808469_8333669720585364486_n FatoftheRam001 DiodesWEB crumblingcyborgWEB 5-29-2015 Depression001 LaBluhHaLaBlurg001 ThinkingMedusaWEB ThingsFallApartWEB TwoCurvyBeachGirlsWEB Sisters001 MirrorsWEB TheIslandWEB brainheadsketchWEB GodComplexWeB 12-31-14web Crabfoot001WEB ReznorManWEB Self Portrait 10-31-2014WEB 10-29-2014WEB 10-17-2014WEB 10-31-2014WEB 10-five-2014WEB BadMoonRising 10-1-2014WEB statuesWEB robot001WEB darkstreet001 10-16-2013 sketch teengirls001WEB The Bullies Cyborg Baby BabyBoom Barfing AlienWEB Cheesy Pit Bull WEB



My comic art appears in the Out of the Blue comic anthology






Hey gang! A short story I did the art for (written by Matt O’Keefe) titled “HorrorCon” is appearing in a compilation titled “Out of the Blue: A Collect of Campfire Tales,” and there is a Kickstarter going for it. This is a 125 page horror anthology by over 60 indie creators. It appears in the hardcover edition only, so if you would like a copy, make your pledge today!